The Art of Emailing with Precision and Personality: Spinning the Right Songs

Email marketing, huh? Imagine that you are hosting a party, (your email campaign), and want all your guests to have fun (engage with your material). The problem is that not everyone enjoys the same type of music (content), so you could see people slipping out the back (by unsubscribing) if your email campaign only plays heavy metal. So what can you do? You mix it. Mix it up. A little jazz here, a bit of pop there. Maybe even throw in some classic rock to keep the party going. This is email marketing in a few words – knowing enough about your audience to play music that they will dance to.

Now let’s discuss those subject lines, your party invitations. If your invitation says “Party my place”, it will probably get lost amongst other weekend plans. It’s a different story if the invite says, “Epic bash with surprise DJ!” suddenly, everyone’s intrigued. Your subject line should have that kind of energy! This should make readers curious enough to open the email instead of simply scrolling through.

How can you entertain them once they’re at your “party” (or reading your email)? It’s not fun to be cornered and only hear about yourself. In the same way, your emails should be more than just me-me-me. They should also offer your guests something useful or entertaining. Share helpful tips, interesting insights or a funny story that makes your guests glad they didn’t cancel.

You don’t want to just rant and then disappear in the night. Next time, use data from RSVPs and drinks preferences (click through rates and engagement metrics). Have you noticed that more people were dancing on the floor when 80s songs were played? That’s gold! Your audience is also interested in knowing which emails have more opens and clicks.

Let’s not forget the friends who subscribe but never engage. Perhaps they are just too busy or not interested in what you play. It’s possible to bring them back with a gentle “Hey we miss you” and not feel pushy.

The coolest part is that automation can be compared to cloning oneself, so you don’t have to run yourself ragged. Someone signs up for the newsletter? Bam! The message is sent automatically.

But remember, at its core, email marketing is just like being an excellent friend. You need to be consistent and have something interesting or funny to say. Not just when you ask for something.

It’s not necessary to be a wizard in order to master email marketing. Nor is it necessary to sell your soul just for the sake of engagement stats. You need to be real and human with your audience. Understand what makes them tick, and adjust the music to suit their mood. Keep the party lively and genuine. And for goodness sake, make those invitations interesting!